10' shipping container

10' Shipping Containers

The smallest box available in our product range, the 10' shipping container is a great choice for tight space applications.

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10' Containers

Made with strength to endure shipping, storage and handling, 10' containers are a compact, secure and portable structure. They are often used in high-density urban areas where space is limited, offering small to medium size storage for a versatile range of residential and business applications.

Common uses:

  • Storage shed
  • Ablution unit
  • Compact accommodation
  • Worksite office
  • Funky coffee shop
  • Workshop

Featuring floor to ceiling cargo doors which open 270 degrees for easy access, each 10' shipping container is proofed against wind, water and vermin. Vents are equipped as standard to encourage air circulation while preventing moisture build-up.

Pickup a new or used 10' shipping container or we can deliver it to you anywhere throughout New Zealand.

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10' General Purpose

  Internal External
Length 2.941 m 3.029 m
Height 2.394 m 2.591 m
Width 2.350 m 2.438 m

Capacity 16.546 m³
Weight 1,302 kg

10' High Cube

  Internal External
Length 2.941 m 3.029 m
Height 2.694 m 2.896 m
Width 2.350 m 2.438 m

Capacity 18.619 m³
Weight 1,480 kg

All measurements are approximate and are intended to be used as a guide only. See full range of container weights & dimensions.


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