40' HC shipping container

40' High Cube

If a 40' General Purpose container is just not large enough for your needs, upsize to the 40' High Cube for extra headroom at a great price.

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40' HC Container

40' High Cube shipping containers are similar in structure to the 40' General Purpose, but 300 mm taller. In contrast to its 40' counterpart which measures 2.591 metres in height, the High Cube features an extended ceiling which is 2.896 metres tall. Combined with its 12.192 metre length and 2.438 metre width, the 40' High Cube has a capacity of more than 76 m³, making it one of the largest containers available on the market. 

Designed to withstand the rigours of international shipping, handling and storage of heavy-duty cargo, 40' High Cube containers are hard-wearing and resistant to the elements. They are comprised of anti-corrosive corrugated steel panels and marine plywood flooring throughout. Large double doors at one end facilitate access, which can be locked for added security.

Suitable for a broad range of applications and industries, 40' High Cube shipping containers are often used for storage of oversized equipment and machinery. Moreover, their generous size, robust composition and economical price makes them a great foundation for different structural modifications.

Common conversions include:

  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Studio
  • Workshop
  • Pop-up shop
  • Accommodation

Pick-up your new or used container from a depot near you or request delivery. We can provide cost-effective transport of your 40' High Cube throughout New Zealand. 

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40' HC Specifications

  Internal External
Length 12.033 m 12.192 m
Height 2.694 m 2.896 m
Width 2.350 m 2.438 m

Capacity 76.180 m³
Weight 3,870 kg

All measurements are approximate and are intended to be used as a guide only. See full range of container weights & dimensions.

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