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We are committed to supplying quality shipping containers that suit your needs and budget. 

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New & Used Containers

Champion Containers specialises in the nationwide supply of shipping containers that are seaworthy, wind and watertight. Exceptions are available from time to time with pricing scaled to match the overall condition of each container.

The majority of our stock feature current and valid CSC Plates ('Convention for Safe Containers') which are required for overseas transport.

Available new (one trip) or second-hand, we have a variety of sizes to choose from for sale, hire or hire-to-buy. View our product range for a container that's right for you.


Comprised of anti-corrosive corrugated steel and hardy marine plywood flooring, shipping containers are very robust and require little to no maintenance.

We recommend your container is painted on occasion to improve aesthetic appeal and prevent rust which can occur on exposed metal surfaces over time. Door hinges and locks should be greased at regular intervals.

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Inspection of each shipping container can be arranged, though it's not always practical (i.e. distance to nearest depot). Please contact us to discuss any specific needs when choosing a container that's right for you.


Find answers to common questions to help you choose a shipping container that's right for you.

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Range & Sizes

Select a container that's right for you. 10', 20' and 40' sizes available, with delivery available throughout New Zealand.

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