20' refrigerated shipping container

20' & 40' Reefers

Store products chilled or frozen inside a refrigerated shipping container (reefer), or grab a discounted unit in non-working condition for built-in insulation. 

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Reefers are an excellent investment for businesses that require portable cold storage or an on-site refrigeration solution. Available in 20' and 40' sizes, each container features an external electrical outlet, built-in insulation and adjustable temperature settings, ensuring perishables are safe from damage and spoilage.

Like all shipping containers, reefers are built to withstand the elements and rigorous demands of international transport. They are hard-wearing, long-lasting and low-maintenance, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications where cold storage is required.

Non-Working Condition

Additionally referred to as an insulated container, non-operational reefers are commonly used for the storage of temperature or moisture sensitive stock (i.e. dry foods, documents, books, wine, artwork and electronics). Each container features built-in insulation and a refrigeration component that has either been removed or is no longer in working condition.

Designed to maintain ambient internal temperatures even in extreme weather conditions, they are a popular choice for structural conversions (i.e. an outdoor room) and add ons.  

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20' Reefer Specifications

  Internal External
Length 5.440 m 6.058 m
Height † 2.240 m † 2.591 m
Width 2.286 m 2.438 m

Capacity 27.856 m³
Weight 2,990 kg

40' Reefer Specifications

  Internal External
Length 11.621 m 12.192 m
Height † 2.240 m † 2.591 m
Width 2.286 m 2.438 m

Capacity 59.507 m³
Weight 4,530 kg

† High Cube reefers available (approx. 300 mm extra height).

All measurements are approximate and are intended to be used as a guide only. See full range of container weights & dimensions.

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