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Whether you're relocating, renovating or need extra space, shipping containers are an affordable and versatile storage solution.

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Excellent Storage

Shipping containers are specifically designed to store and protect goods while in transit. For this reason they are manufactured tough and can tolerate extreme payloads, rigorous handling and exposure to the elements. It’s these qualities that make them an excellent storage solution, offering outstanding protection from vermin, fire, earthquakes and burglary at a cost-effective price. Practical features such as internal lashing points and air vents make it easy to stack and secure stock while preventing condensation which can otherwise cause moisture damage.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit your storage needs, shipping containers can be placed on-site, offering convenient access to stock when and where you need it.

Commonly Stored

Versatile and hard-wearing, you can store just about anything inside a shipping container (as long as it fits).

Commonly stored items:

  • Electrical appliances
  • Vehicles & auto parts
  • Machinery
  • Paperwork
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Sporting equipment

Moisture Protection

Paper, electrical appliances and other household goods are sensitive to moisture and must be stored dry to prevent loss and damage. Unless otherwise order, all Champion Containers are wind and water tight, offering excellent protection in damp and wet climates.

Before loading your shipping container with stock, there are a few steps you can take to protect your goods while keeping moisture out.

Level foundation – Ensure the container is placed upright on a flat and firm foundation that won’t sink or cause the container to become lopsided. Slopping surfaces exacerbate water run-off, which can enter the container and soak a wide area.

Packaging – Good packaging can help maintain your goods and keep them dry, providing an extra layer of protection from dampness and mildew.

Load dry – Avoid loading soggy or wet materials which can increase atmospheric moisture and cause condensation to form. Never pack a container that has been internally washed and cleaned without draining excess water and allowing the unit to completely dry first. Wet and muddy footwear is another source of moisture to be mindful of.

Dry 10’, 20’ & 40’ shipping containers are equipped with multiple air vents to enhance air circulation and reduce condensation. We recommend goods are not stacked against the walls or ceiling to maximise air circulation.

Dehumidifiers draw excess moisture from the air which can further reduce dampness and subsequent mould growth. They are readily available from a variety of outlet stores and can be economical to purchase and run.

Containers that have been used for refrigeration feature built-in insulation, which can help maintain ambient room temperatures while reducing condensation in extreme climates. They are much more affordable when purchased in non-operational condition (i.e. the refrigeration component is either no longer in working condition or has been removed entirely), offering premium storage for moisture sensitive stock.

We recommend you wipe down any exposed metal surfaces on stock and equipment with a few drops of machine oil to prevent rust. 

Packing Tips

Packing accessories (i.e. cartons, drop sheets and bubble wrap) help to maintain stock while in storage, providing excellent protection from moisture, dust and knocks.

We recommend household and office goods are stored in boxes for easy handling and orderly storage. These should be labelled and stacked with consideration to…

  • Weight - Heaviest boxes at the bottom.
  • Toughness- Fragile items at the top.
  • Convenience- Ensure any goods you're likely to need are easily accessible.
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Off-site Storage

Don't have enough space? Purchase, hire or hire-to-buy your shipping container from Champion Containers and we can arrange secure off-site storage at a depot that's conveniently located near you.

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Select a new or used shipping container that's right for your storage needs. Choose from 10', 20' or 40' varieties.

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North or South Island, we can deliver your 10', 20' or 40' shipping container throughout New Zealand at a competitive price. 

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